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The Diversity Committee was founded in 2013 by Karen Postal, PhD ABPP, former President of MNS, and other committed MNS board members committed to issues of culture and diversity in the field of neuropsychology. The committee’s formation stemmed from a recognition of the importance of and need for more robust research, training, and professional development aimed at deepening our understanding of the role of culture and diversity in neuropsychological assessment and cognitive function.


The term "diversity" encompasses differences of culture, background and experience among individuals and groups. Such differences include, but are not limited to, differences of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and disabilities, as well as political and religious affiliation and socioeconomic status.

Mission Statement

The MNS Diversity Committee seeks to raise awareness of the influence of culture and diversity within the field of neuropsychology and support MNS members’ development as culturally competent neuropsychologists. We aim to achieve this by creating and disseminating resources to enrich the delivery of neuropsychological assessments to multicultural populations, incorporating issues of diversity in our educational events, increasing training opportunities in multicultural neuropsychology, and enhancing diversity within our membership and Board of Directors.


  1. Other Professional Organizations: Below are links to national and international neuropsychological organizations, committees, and groups committed to issues of culture and diversity in neuropsychology
  1. Multicultural Test Toolkit: The committee compiled a multicultural test toolkit containing a detailed list neuropsychological tests available in other languages, and/or validated in diverse populations.   
  2. Directory of Multilingual Neuropsychologists and Multicultural Consultants: The committee has created a directory of multilingual neuropsychologists and multicultural consultants in Massachusetts. If you would like to be included in this directory, please click here.
  3. Resource Guide: Neuropsychological Assessment with Multicultural Populations: A committee created resource guide intended to support neuropsychologists in their clinical work with individuals of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Current Projects

  1. Understanding neuropsychologists’ self-perceptions of cultural competence.  The Diversity committee is conducting survey-based research exploring self-perception of cultural competence in providing neuropsychological services to multicultural populations. Our goal is to identify factors, which may enhance cultural competence among neuropsychologists in order to support ongoing professional development in the field of multicultural neuropsychology.

Current Members

  • Maggie Lanca, PhD (co-chair)
  • Emily Wilner, PsyD (co-chair)
  • Yakeel T Quiroz, PhD
  • Komal Ramchandani, PsyD


The Diversity committee continues to welcome new members from the MNS community!  If you would like to participate in the committee or have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to be in touch with Maggie Lanca, Ph.D. or Emily Wilner, Psy.D.


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