MNS is represented by Attorney Kenneth Gogel of Gogel & Gogel. Please see below for more information.

Kenneth Gogel

Ken Gogel has been representing medical providers in Massachusetts for over twenty years. He has a particular expertise in working with neuropsychology offices in the areas of medical reimbursement, including audit defense, and litigation to collect medical bills. The law firm also provides employment law counseling and litigation defense in employment lawsuits.

Earlier in his career, Ken was outside counsel to BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts and in that capacity litigated several cases in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

On a national basis, Ken Gogel has assisted medical providers in opposing insurance industry practices that have reduced medical provider compensation for services rendered to patients. In 2009 Ken Gogel was appointed national class action counsel in a successful case in Federal Court in Philadelphia that ended an industry practice that used a flawed database to reduce provider medical billing rates. Most recently, Ken represented a class of providers of neuropsychologists challenging the reimbursement by a national insurance company of multiple neuropsychological testing costs.

Ken’s law firm, Gogel & Gogel has offices in Springfield, Massachusetts and in Egremont, in Southern Berkshire County. The firm represents clients across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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