2017 Nelson Butters Award for best MNS Science Symposium poster presented by a student:

Hannah Franz, B.S.

Hannah Franz, Vincent Corbo, Laura K. Levin, Jennifer R. Fonda, William Milberg, Regina McGlinchey

"The impact of early life trauma on cardio-metabolic health in post 9/11 Veterans"


2017 Honorable Mention: Ryan Andrews, for Ryan J. Andrews, Laura K. Levin, Jennifer R. Fonda, Regina E. McGlinchey, and William P. Milberg, "Comprehensive Analysis of the Predictors of Post-Concussive Symptom Reporting in Post-9/11 Veterans"


2016 Nelson Butters Award Winner: Maria Dekhtyar, for Maria Dekhtyar, Kathryn V. Papp, Rebecca E. Amariglio, Aaron P. Schultz, Keith A. Johnson, Reisa A. Sperling, Dorene M. Rentz, "Biomarker Differences Associated with Optimal Memory Performance in Older Adults"

2014 Nelson Butters Award Winner:  Sarah M. Kark, for Kark, S.M. & Kensinger, E.A., “Effect of valence on the recapitulation of sensory processing during emotional remembering.”

2014 Honorable Mention: Robert Salazar, for Salazar, R., Appleman, E., Stavitsky, K., Neargarder, S., Cronin-Golomb, A., “Impairments of executive and visuospatial function in motor symptom subtypes of Parkinson’s disease.”