Edith Kaplan Award

Edith Kaplan
In honor of Dr. Edith Kaplan’s invaluable contributions to the field of Neuropsychology, the Edith Kaplan Award recognizes excellence in research applications of the Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment.  Dr. Kaplan was a founding member of MNS, and remained active with the Society throughout her career.  She was a teacher, mentor, collaborator, author, researcher and clinician who contributed greatly to the legacy of MNS and to the legacy of our entire field.
  Award Recipient Year
Jane Holmes Bernstein, Ph.D. Jane Holmes Bernstein 2016
Lee Ashendorf Lee Ashendorf 2015
Dawn Bowers Dawn Bowers 2014
Nancy Helm-Estabrooks Nancy Helm-Estabrooks 2013
Deborah Fein Deborah Fein 2012
Rus Bauer Rus Bauer 2011
Rhoda Au Rhoda Au 2010
William Bar William Barr 2009
William Milberg William Milberg 2008
Carmen Armengol Carmen Armengol 2007
David Libon David Libon 2006
Dean Delis Dean Delis 2005
Manuel Sedó Manuel Sedó 2004
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