Find a Neuropsychologist

How do I find a Neuropsychologist?

For inquiries:
1. Call your insurance company and ask for a list of approved Pediatric or Adult Neuropsychologists.

2. MNS will assist with finding a neuropsychologist by posting referral requests to the Membership listserv.  Please contact us at or call (617) 531-1413.  Please indicate in your message: Your name and contact information, who is requesting the referral (physician, parent, self, school, etc.) the purpose of the evaluation, age of the patient, geographical location, and name of the insurance company.  We will pass along the names and contact information of any practitioners who respond that they are willing to meet with the patient and their family.

DISCLAIMER: MNS does not endorse individual practitioners and is not responsible for the quality of care provided by its members. MNS serves the public function of providing community information and education and any information provided by MNS is for informational and educational purposes only.

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