ListServ Policy

 If you use the MNS listserv it means you are agreeing to abide by the APA's listserv policy guidelines. A summary of the main points/guidelines, for listserv users to keep in mind, is below. The formal document discussing the guidelines and responsibilities in greater detail can be obtain at the APA website.

  1. Do not put any confidential information on the listserv.
  2. You can make reference to a published article, can briefly quote it, and can provide a legitimate link to its online form, but you cannot post the whole article on the listserv, due to copyright laws.
  3. Spirited discussion and disagreement is fine but do not defame anyone or attack character.
  4. Because of antitrust laws, you cannot discuss fees, insurance rates, and contracts with insurers, etc. on the listserv. Doing so exposes Massachusetts Neuropsychological society to potentially crippling legal and civil penalties.
  5. Individuals cannot use the listserv to advertise services that benefit them directly, such as office space rentals, products they are selling, etc.

The listserv should not be used for electioneering or endorsing candidates for public office or to promote a political or religious agenda.

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