Cermak Award

Laird Cermak influenced the field of neuropsychology in many ways, and was an active participant in the early years of MNS. Dr. Cermak conducted groundbreaking studies of encoding and retrieval processes in amnesic patients; founded the Memory Disorders Research Society, was president of Division 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology) of the American Psychological Association, edited the journal Neuropsychology, and mentored a generation of students.  He was known for his experimental research of neuropsychological disorders, and  was a  pioneer  in applying  the neuropsychological perspective on memory with the techniques and approaches of experimental cognitive psychology. 

2018 Margaret O’Connor, Ph.D.
2015 Doreen Rentz, Ph.D.
2010 Scott Hayes, Ph.D.
2008 Brandon A. Ally, Ph.D.
2006 Mieke H. Verfaellie, Ph.D.
2003 Kelly Sullivan Giovanello, Ph.D.
2000 Andrew Budson, M.D.


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