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About MNS

The Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society, established 1988, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting research, clinical service, scholarly work and education in neuropsychology that enhances the understanding of brain-behavior relationship and neuropsychological disorders.

Professional Development: 
Provide information and support to the membership and the profession to enhance neuropsychological assessment, intervention, and consultation services.
Education & Training: 
Disseminate neuropsychological knowledge through meetings, lectures, professional contacts, publications, reports, the Internet, and other forms of media.
Promote research to improve knowledge of brain-behavior relationships and to improve the efficacy of outcomes in neuropsychological evaluations and interventions.
Encourage membership towards the profession’s highest ethical standards
Promote understanding of cultural and individual diversity, ability and disability, strengths and weaknesses as it applies to the study and practice of neuropsychology.
Promote the field of neuropsychology as a career choice among students, by activities such as mentoring and supporting student participation in educational activities.
Public Education: 
Provide education to the public through avenues that promote understanding of brain-behavior relationships in areas such as healthy behaviors; prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropsychological illness and injury; and diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Educate and advocate on behalf of the profession, practitioners and consumers.

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